“You Can Be My Cherry”

Wired Ruby kicks ass, thanks for another pub!!!!



Inspired…so I write…

Fading Goodbye


Here in skin

here in flesh

walking past window reflections

the deli up the street knows me

the quarter dollar paper in tow

what was it we feared…

it’s just around the corner from me



Here inside

here in cement strides

waking up the neighbor’s dog

the angel left her post for now

the moment I needed her most

is the moment I give back to you



When we’re really alive

what really matters is that we’re really alive.


Scenery blurs by

until we have to stand still just

long enough to see


it drips down, the time

we can’t hold as fingers

aren’t forever

just like me


So I fade

each day turning to ash

I fade more

because here I live