Poem of the Day

Strumming an Invisible Guitar

The final songs on Jagger’s greatest hits

blares though your parents’ split-level in Queens.

The base is off but your motions vibrate the

hardwood floors beneath our feet.

Strumming an invisible guitar that

no one hears, not even you, while you sit

beneath your favorite shelf hung next to

a “Go Mets!” banner and the street sign

You stole one New Year’s eve.

Mick Jagger’s lyrics filter though the tiny

room, a low gasp escapes from your stubbled

face, tells me that you long for a second chance–

to be the boy dressed in his Sunday’s best

On his way to Communion.

It’s cloudy now in your neighborhood—

It’s cloudy for you too, not yet sure where that boy went.

The song ends and the invisible guitar is left with your

past, clinging to the paneled walls you covered long ago

with paper airplanes and Budweiser girls.


Poetry Flows Through My Veins

During April, National Poetry Month, think about what poetry does for you…if it makes you gag, well then, that’s a shame. Bad poetry makes anyone gag…but good poetry…is pure deliciousness!

Buy a book of poems. Even if it’s not mine. Buy a decent book of poems and immerse yourself in everything that is words. Go into a bookstore or library (or surf on Amazon.com) and ask for suggestions from other readers. If you ask me, I’ll tell you to get lost in a book by Charles Bukowski. Or the amazing spoken words of Jim Morrison (yes, from the Doors). Song lyrics is poetry. Think of bands/artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Alexi Murdoch, Coldplay and Cary Brothers. What they write and sing is pure genius.

Open your mind up. Poetry comes in so many different forms and genres. And if you’re really daring, buy a copy of my new book “In New Jersey.” Click the Book/Publication tab for more info.

Happy Writing!

Book Release!

 Important Announcement!!! Read and forward on

Julie Ellinger Hunt’s eagerly anticipated second book In New Jersey is now available. Support her and the beautiful art that poetry creates!

The book is chockful of poetry deliciousness, with an introduction by the fabulous Annmarie Lockhart (publisher/editor @ unbound CONTENT and vox poetica) and original cover art by Julie herself!

Hunt has been writing poetry since her early childhood, rarely sharing any of her work, until her college years. It was then, several of her professors urged her to write and share more, and join the prestigious ranks of the advanced poetry classes at the University of Delaware.

To date, Hunt has been published in over 30 journals and anthologies. Including vox poetica, Instigatorzine, Ascent Aspirations, Poetry Repairs, The Momoreader, Carcinogenic Poetry and has a forthcoming piece in New York Quarterly. Her first collection, Ever Changing (Independent Books 2010), was well regarded by the community as a terrific starting point to a “very long and fruitful career.”

In New Jersey is a bold look into Hunt’s life; a life that is full of love, loss, pride, regret, change and reflection. Each poem is a small window…an unobstructed peek into Hunt’s heart and mind. Some autobiographical and some fictional…Hunt’s poems take the reader on a joyride, with her in the driver’s seat, into her New Jersey.

It is available for purchase at several locations:



Barnes and Noble.com:


From the publisher:



Please forward this on to those who appreciate true art! 

A Poet’s Layers

Many of you have no idea that I’ve been sick for the better part of four years. I don’t usually put anything too personal “out there.” But with my poetry morphing into a very real and accurate betrayal of the life around me, I’m thinking it’s best to be upfront about it. I have several conditions and am bedridden often. I’m anti-pity so have hid this for a long time. I want people to accept and enjoy my work without knowing about my failing health, just in case their judgement became diluted.

As I sat here tonight, I pondered several things. One being, if I don’t accept I am ill and be upfront about it, then how can I expect other people to accept it? So here I am trying to balance it all…and just roll with it. Here is a piece I wrote that was really at the core of my ‘bad days’…I won’t submit it for publication because to me, it’s just a rant or as we Jews call it, a form of “kvetching.” Not my fondest type of writing…but it is cathartic and sometimes we do need to vent.

The Weather Died

Where I am, there is no weather

no longer can I feel the sun on my skin

the wind in my hair

Where I am, there is no other

no substitute for seasons or

purpose like the beginning to a day

or an end to a thought.

I’m forever in the middle

wedged like the violet I

forced into the spine

of a scrapbook.




hardened flesh

a house

Where I am, there is no weather

no longer can I feel anything but ache.

Poetry and Roasted Nuts

Things do happen in Virginia. A small gathering at the VHC inspires…

Smells like cow shit, doesn’t it?

No, it’s fertilizer.

Fertilizer is cow shit! She says.


Amazes even me that the smell

of shit can be refreshing

as we gather like eager ants

awaiting poetry.


There is always weather

but words that alter and fester

aren’t noticed as easily

as heavy rains or warmer climates.


We ride in a caravan

in search of suitable picnic fair.

Beer. She says.

Yea, I can use a drink too, I reply.

10 miles of dark road later

we find a tavern


Smells like beer and cow shit,

I think to myself.

Ascending stairs lead to

a version of salvation,

late night bar food

and a fine ale on tap.


We feast

We drink

We laugh


yet we still have not

figured out how or why

Roasted Nuts

listed on the bar menu

became so relevant…





Jersey Girl goes to Virginia :)

Along with some wonderful people, I will be heading down to Bridgewater College (April 7-9th)  in VA to attend the conference: Bridging the Gap in and through the Humanities. I will be the featured poet, reading Thurs. eve @ 8pm.

My second book, “In New Jersey,” will be making its debut. Copies can be purchased at the conference. For those of you who will not be attending, purchase info will be  posted soon through the unbound CONTENT website.