A Little Poem by Julie and her sons (they really helped!)

One day as the sun shines,

and the birds sing,

and the grass is as green

as the leaves on the trees–

we, as a family, shall frolic

hand in hand in hand in hand.


Poem of the day: Chewing Fruit and Legumes

First appeared at vox poetica…this poem makes me smile…

Chewing Fruit and Legumes

you made garbanzo beans

and figs

and hired a cherub to fly


flap her wings,

and make perfect shadow

dances on concrete

you pulled the figs apart

holding their weightiness

in large palms,

the heat from sun

and breath

and beans

fogged your glasses up

“chewing fruit and legumes”,

you said, would

make a perfect poem.

The cherub dove

down and snatched

your glasses from your face

then a fig,

then a kiss.

I just giggled and

asked the cabana boy

for another drink.

And another hour

with you in this silly dream

that makes me smile.