Honored to be nominated for Best of the Net and a Pushcart…see poems below:


Gazers, written by Julie Ellinger Hunt and Stan Galloway




Wrapped in Brown Paper


Wrapped in brown paper cut from

grocery bags, all thumbs…but kept tidy

still edges, clean of the black ink left

aside for the address label…born

from dirty thoughts and

sleeplessness, boredom too.


Tragedy struck the neighbor-

hood twice in one month. Left balled

up cans in foundation cracks, litter

collected in curb-side clusters.


Under an awning the package

sits and waits for

postal pickup while a child

quietly whistles a tune in

harmony with a roaring garbage



rain plays in cascades on worn

out roof tops…tickling shingles.


Bade on youth for stronger wrists

grip and tie down. Hold and conquer.

the package leaves the porch for good

it whispers goodbye in paper tongue.

it leaves behind a dry spot under the

awning while rain spews in sideways.