A bit about Julie: After accepted into a prestigious creative writing program at the University of Delaware, Julie studied under poet and screenplay writer, Dr. Jeanne Walker. Walker, along with other UD professors, recognized Julie’s raw talent and helped her learn the important elements of poetry writing. In 2001, upon graduation, Julie focused on expanding her talent in the technical writing field. She pursued positions in Pharma, Medical and Ad/Marketing fields thus furthering her experience in editing, proofreading and technical writing. Later, Julie chose to pursue freelance positions in the medical field, writing journal articles, pieces for pharma mags, and composing CME material.

Alongside her freelance career, Julie makes her poetry writing a top priority. She has been featured in publications such as Poetry Speaks, Ascent Aspirations,Poetry Repairs, Caesura, New York Quarterly, and the Instigatorzine. Her first full collection of her original work, “Ever Changing” was well received by the community. Hunt’s second book, which she is very proud of, “In New Jersey,” is now available (unbound CONTENT 2011). Email Julie: juliehunt30@gmail.com