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Julie Ellinger Hunt’s eagerly anticipated second book In New Jersey is now available. Support her and the beautiful art that poetry creates!

The book is chockful of poetry deliciousness, with an introduction by the fabulous Annmarie Lockhart (publisher/editor @ unbound CONTENT and vox poetica) and original cover art by Julie herself!

Hunt has been writing poetry since her early childhood, rarely sharing any of her work, until her college years. It was then, several of her professors urged her to write and share more, and join the prestigious ranks of the advanced poetry classes at the University of Delaware.

To date, Hunt has been published in over 30 journals and anthologies. Including vox poetica, Instigatorzine, Ascent Aspirations, Poetry Repairs, The Momoreader, Carcinogenic Poetry and has a forthcoming piece in New York Quarterly. Her first collection, Ever Changing (Independent Books 2010), was well regarded by the community as a terrific starting point to a “very long and fruitful career.”

In New Jersey is a bold look into Hunt’s life; a life that is full of love, loss, pride, regret, change and reflection. Each poem is a small window…an unobstructed peek into Hunt’s heart and mind. Some autobiographical and some fictional…Hunt’s poems take the reader on a joyride, with her in the driver’s seat, into her New Jersey.

It is available for purchase at several locations:

Barnes and

From the publisher:

Please forward this on to those who appreciate true art! 


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