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Poem of the day: Chewing Fruit and Legumes

First appeared at vox poetica…this poem makes me smile…

Chewing Fruit and Legumes

you made garbanzo beans

and figs

and hired a cherub to fly


flap her wings,

and make perfect shadow

dances on concrete

you pulled the figs apart

holding their weightiness

in large palms,

the heat from sun

and breath

and beans

fogged your glasses up

“chewing fruit and legumes”,

you said, would

make a perfect poem.

The cherub dove

down and snatched

your glasses from your face

then a fig,

then a kiss.

I just giggled and

asked the cabana boy

for another drink.

And another hour

with you in this silly dream

that makes me smile.

Poem of the Day

Strumming an Invisible Guitar

The final songs on Jagger’s greatest hits

blares though your parents’ split-level in Queens.

The base is off but your motions vibrate the

hardwood floors beneath our feet.

Strumming an invisible guitar that

no one hears, not even you, while you sit

beneath your favorite shelf hung next to

a “Go Mets!” banner and the street sign

You stole one New Year’s eve.

Mick Jagger’s lyrics filter though the tiny

room, a low gasp escapes from your stubbled

face, tells me that you long for a second chance–

to be the boy dressed in his Sunday’s best

On his way to Communion.

It’s cloudy now in your neighborhood—

It’s cloudy for you too, not yet sure where that boy went.

The song ends and the invisible guitar is left with your

past, clinging to the paneled walls you covered long ago

with paper airplanes and Budweiser girls.

Poetry Flows Through My Veins

During April, National Poetry Month, think about what poetry does for you…if it makes you gag, well then, that’s a shame. Bad poetry makes anyone gag…but good poetry…is pure deliciousness!

Buy a book of poems. Even if it’s not mine. Buy a decent book of poems and immerse yourself in everything that is words. Go into a bookstore or library (or surf on and ask for suggestions from other readers. If you ask me, I’ll tell you to get lost in a book by Charles Bukowski. Or the amazing spoken words of Jim Morrison (yes, from the Doors). Song lyrics is poetry. Think of bands/artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Alexi Murdoch, Coldplay and Cary Brothers. What they write and sing is pure genius.

Open your mind up. Poetry comes in so many different forms and genres. And if you’re really daring, buy a copy of my new book “In New Jersey.” Click the Book/Publication tab for more info.

Happy Writing!